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Everyone going down to rent their Puerto Penasco Condo needs to obtain Mexican auto insurance. Puerto Penasco Rental properties are growing faster than ever. If you are planning on obtaining Puerto Penasco Lodging, you should also plan on getting insurance. We strongly recommend Mexico Insurance Professionals. They allow you to purchase your insurance conveniently online and you can avoid the hassle of stopping for insurance on your way to Mexico. Click on the banner below to find out pricing information.  Gettin Mexican auto Insurance online is simple, safe, and secure!  Also, please read below as to why you should use Mexico Insurance Professionals.

Everyone asks the same question. Why buy from Mexico Insurance Professionals?
The number 1 advantage of purchasing your Mexico Insurance from Mexico Insurance Professionals is that its, online!

They are the leading provider of coverage for US and Canadian citizens visiting Mexico. Some of the advantages of buying online today from their agents include:

Many consumers believe that they can save a few dollars by purchasing manual, handwritten policies at the border. This may be the case. However, when you purchase online your policy information is immediately available to the authorities in Mexico. Since this data is immediately available, in the event you are involved in an accident, your claim may be handled much more efficiently and you will spend less time dealing with the authorities as they are immediately able to verify coverage via our system.

First of all, their system is simple and easy to use. Their operation has issued over 100,000 Mexican Auto certificates since the inception of their online program. Their customers and agents enjoy the ease of use, time savings, and quality coverage provided by purchasing and printing Mexican auto policies from quality insurers immediately online.

Consumers and agents can also re-print and renew policies from anywhere 24 hours per day seven days per week.

Each of the underwriters, or their parent companies, carry A- or better ratings from AM Best. Over the past several years, a number of Mexican insurers have failed, become insolvent, or have stopped offering Tourist Auto coverage. They have aligned themselves with only the most stable, professional companies in the market to ensure that your claim will be covered and handled professionally.

They offer you more coverage options than any other Mexican insurance provider. While they offer the standard coverage offered by all other Mexican insurance providers, they also offer a unique optional ACE Platinum Plus endorsement which provides coverage not available from standard Mexico insurers, such as Partial Theft, Vandalism, and guaranteed US cost of repair on claims settlements.

They continually strive to offer not only the broadest available coverage at the lowest prices, but also new products.

Their carriers all allow for your vehicle to be repaired or replaced in the USA. While it is imperative that your initial claim be made prior to leaving Mexico, they offer US style follow up servicing via toll free numbers and communication once you return to your home in the USA or Canada.