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Gift Certificates Now Available

We have had so many people asking about gift certificates that we decided to create GIFT CERTIFICATES for Reservations At The Point. We print a certificate similar to that shown above customized for a specific amount. We will customize the TO and FROM fields in the certificate and the get the certificate to you in the mail. They are a great idea for holidays, birthdays, weddings, practically any occasion where you want to surprise a member of your staff, a friend or a family member.

When someone is ready to redeem their certificate, they just select where they want to go, on the pricing page, they are able to type in their unique certificate code. This code will give them a pre-determined discount. In the case of the example above, they would receive a $300 discount from their overall cost.

Please contact us at gifts@sonoranseacondo.com if you are ready to purchase a gift certificate. One of our agents will walk you through the entire process and make this as simple as possible.

We look forward to helping you make the “BEST” gift!