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Aqui es con Flavio's

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Restaurants in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) have been coming up at an astonishing pace. With the growth of resorts such as Sonoran Sea, Sonoran Spa, Bella Sirena, Princesa De Penasco, Las Palomas, Sonoran Sun, Las Gaviotas and Marina Pinacate the restaurants are springing up everywhere. Our review forum allows people to post their positive or negative experiences and the user can read about them and also make a Rocky Point Reservation. Puerto Penasco is growing and we hope to provide you with useful information about our beautiful town.
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I have eaten at Flavio\'s for many years, my dad went there and i go there now my son goes there. I have become good friends with Alejandro over the years. Service is great, margarita\'s are cold and tasty, food is always very good. I have taken family and friends there and it is always a great experience, everyone is always impressed withe the service and the big dishes served!

Shrimp cocktail is a bargain
Service is good, the food is decent and the prices are reasonable. One of the best values for Mexican shrimp cocktail at the Old Port.

Great Experience!
Flavio's is the perfect spot to munch at the port in Rocky Point. Service was fast and very friendly, the view and location are perfect for a brief stop to eat, drink and relax in a fun environment.

Nice view
Good service, great drinks and a lot of fun.

7 out of 10
They have good service. My favorite dish is the chimichanga.

Great margaritas
This is a fun place to go to just hang out and have a drink. They have great margaritas.

surprises by the sea
This is a very charming restaurant. It has all of the flavor of Mexico by the sea, and yet very clean and suitable to even the most skeptical American tourist. The staff was very friendly and helpful, I would eat there for every lunch and dinner.

We've been regular customers at Flavio's for the past 8 years. The staff is friendly and attentive. The service is slow but that's true for most restaurants in Mexico. Most of their food is tasty but their shrimp coctails are exceptional. Great place to enjoy the sunset.

Best seafood and ambience
This place has been our favorite place to eat for the past 10 years. The food is delicious and you can't beat the location. If you're lucky you'll see dolphins as the sun is setting. Otherwise you'll at least see a beautiful sunset and have the best margaritas in town. Great place.

Best place to watch the sunset
Flavios is my favorite place to eat in Rocky Point. It has outdoor patio seating right on the water. I love to sit and drink margaritas while watching the sun set over the ocean. The food is fantastic. I love the eggs and chorizo in the morning. The seafood cocktails are outstanding and the shrimp enchiladas are excellent. The wait staff is friendly but sometimes service is a little slow. But after all you are in Mexico, relax and enjoy the sunset!

Flavios, is a great place dine and have drinks and the entertainment. We go to Rocky Point maybe every 3 to 6 months, the service is always great there. Food no complaints, ALWAYS GOOD! IF YOU WANT A GREAT TIME TO DINE GO TO FLAVIOS!


The view gives it 4 sombreros
Every time we come to Rocky Point - we end up making a trip to Flavios. The carne asado tacos, at $1.25, are a great deal and are super yummy. The guacamole is also super yum. What bums me out is that everything comes with french fries. Really? French Fries?? It also causes me great concern that everything is the same temperature. Hot food is lukewarm. Cold food is lukewarm. With that said - the patio is freakin\' awesome. However...keep walking a bit and head upstairs to Mary\'s...THAT place is awesome!

Best of Puerto Penasco
Have eaten in almost all restaurants in Puerto Penasco. Flavio\'s is the best for service, food and their sincere effort to make your dining experience the ultimate. Last March I celebrated my birthday there. After paying our bill and ready to leave, at least 10 waiters came out to our quad giving me a hug and wishing me happy birthday. Flavio himself had one of his waiters present me with a liter of brandy to add to my already unforgettable lunch. Our waiter Miguel, presented us with a large shrimp cocktail, and garlic oysters as an appetizer. When he unexpectantly brought them, his only comment was \"and of course, these are on the house\". Because of their sincere effort to make your dining experience perfect, view to die for, and already having tried most of the others, we are afraid to go any other place. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!! Flavio, Flavio Ismart, Miguel, Hector, Jesus, Enrique and Andres and all of the other servers make the experience something to look forward to. We just left Puerto Penasco a few days ago and are planning a return trip soon. Frank and Judi Smith

Bad experience
We went to Flavio\'s and it was not a very good experience. We sat down, the waiter gave us the menu after about 10 min and disappeared. After another 10 minutes we another waiter and then we saw the one that had given us the menu telling the second one that he can have our table since he was going to take care of two other people that he knew. Of course the second waiter was not very happy that he had lost the other costumers (it seemed like they were regulars) The second waiter was okay, but took for ever to bring our drinks and later our food. We did not get our drinks until about 25 minutes after we arrived and the food may after 45 minutes. My husband\'s plate was okay, but my shrimp cocktail had no taste!

Service was amazing. Everyone was very friendly. Food was awesome, I ate there every day while in Mexico. Would definitely recommend, and return.

awesome view, great servers and the fish sticks are the best, cant wait to go back for more

Enjoyed the food

Great food and Awesome Drinks
We enjoyed the place so much we returned again. Flavio's had a good wait staff, good food, and the drinks are not only strong but taste great. We did order the Scallop Cocktail and came to find out the scallops were not cooked, but no one felt sick afterwards so that was ok. We also ordered the Scallop meal and it was unbelievable- there was so much on the plate! And I have to say that the Fillet Minon was one of the best! I was very impressed

Fun Place
One of our favorite places for the last four years. Drinks are great, service is above average, servers are very pleasant and frienldy.

Most Famous Seafood Rest.
Being the most famous restaurant for locals and frequent visitors, Service is just OK, waiting time is average for Mexico but food is not that good. I've eaten seafood cocktails, tacos and tostadas and they could be a lot better.

Great limonadas and chips/salsa
Flavio's is great for a sunset fresca limomada, guitar and singing and yummy chips with fresh salsa; but the main dishes are not so great. Move up the side street to the yummy tacos at the dolphins painted on the walls in the little outdoor cafe...

Don't drink the water nor eat at Flavios
The service was really slow and the food was warm, that is the food that's supposed to be served cold. The food that was supposed to be served hot was warm and I wasn't even charged extra for all the extra grease in the food. The patio overlooking the ocean is convenient in case you get sick and can't make it to the restroom in time.

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