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Chili Peppers

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Restaurants in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) have been coming up at an astonishing pace. With the growth of resorts such as Sonoran Sea, Sonoran Spa, Bella Sirena, Princesa De Penasco, Las Palomas, Sonoran Sun, Las Gaviotas and Marina Pinacate the restaurants are springing up everywhere. Our review forum allows people to post their positive or negative experiences and the user can read about them and also make a Rocky Point Reservation. Puerto Penasco is growing and we hope to provide you with useful information about our beautiful town.
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Food was excellent
Food was excellent especially the Chile Rellenos & the Enchiladas. Click here to read more
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Not quite the experience
We visited here on Saturday, May 27th. Click here to read more
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If this place was in US, it would be shut down for health violations
This place was horrible!!!! I saw the waiter go to serve some drinks but before he did he fished a critter out of the glass with a straw and then served it. I also saw them remove a bowl of chips from a table and tossed them into a container where the other waiters were filling up bowls for other tables. The bowl we had wasn't even emptied but rather taken to another table. I've had better food from the Circle K and the place felt like an oven. The waiters were not very attentive and it a long to ask to anything much less receive it. I saw many people have to actually get up and have to get their own napkins. And this is just what I was able to see. I don't want to even think what happens back in the kitchen area.....

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