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Pollo al Carbon Lucas
Boulevard Benito Juarez
Phone:(638) 388-8172
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Restaurants in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) have been coming up at an astonishing pace. With the growth of resorts such as Sonoran Sea, Sonoran Spa, Bella Sirena, Princesa De Penasco, Las Palomas, Sonoran Sun, Las Gaviotas and Marina Pinacate the restaurants are springing up everywhere. Our review forum allows people to post their positive or negative experiences and the user can read about them and also make a Rocky Point Reservation. Puerto Penasco is growing and we hope to provide you with useful information about our beautiful town.
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Best Chicken in Mexico
This place has amazing chicken. Click here to read more

Amazing Chicken!!!
Seriously, this is the best chicken ever! Click here to read more

we had a very bad experience
We are very sorry to have to share with you this news, but we had a very bad experience at this restaurant, on Friday November 4 at 14:30 went to eat at \"Pollo Lucas\" on the recommendation of friends and serve when we discover with horror the back half of a rodent in the plate of one of the children, call the waitress shocked and she was the business manager who tried to bully a way to make us understand that it was part of the chicken, we tried foolish because she says we did not know the parts of a chicken to which we replied that it was not chicken, but part of a large rat or a mouse, but became even more rude and the place came three workers who surrounded our table threatening while the manager told us if we were not satisfied with the service we retire, so we decided to retire before the eyes of disapproval of other diners, including a Mexican family who were at the place complained to the manager who was not the way of dealing with American tourists, in that my wife went to pay the chicken and sodas served as the situation was very tense the cashier told my wife I was going to charge only the chicken but not the sodas provided they were not going to report them, we left very quickly and almost ran over a young man who was cleaning the car to ask for money, a total that was a very bitter experience we had and what hurts us most is the situation as stressful for children, in fact the 8 year old girl does not want to eat chicken or return to Mexico, it is noteworthy that we try to report this situation in an office of Health but no more than insist we find any, plus it was beginning to week, I hope this does not happen to any of you and especially the authorities to investigate and take action on the matter. Click here to read more

Best chicken in town
I highly recommend Lucas for chicken (excellent place for a large party who don't want anything fancy) excellent chicken. Click here to read more

This is a MUST TRY
This is a great tasting chicken. Click here to read more

Best Pollo I have ever Had!!
Good servings, lots of fixings. Click here to read more

Best Ever!
No trip to Rocky Point is complete without visiting the \"Chicken Hut\". Great Experiences everytime.

Absolutly delicious
After we ate at Pollo Lucas our group of six couldn't stop talking about how great it was. Click here to read more

Ate there last weekend with a bunch of buddies. Click here to read more

Tasty chicken!
We have been going to Pollo al Carbon Lucas for about 4 years now. Click here to read more

We ate here on review recommendations. Click here to read more

Clean Facility & Good Chicken !
After 3 days trying various restaurants in Rocky Point, my wife and kids had hard time finding foods that suitable to their taste, but they were happy at Pollo al Carbon Lucas. Click here to read more

Good food
The food was delicious. Click here to read more

Delicious Chicken--Affordable Prices
Don't leave without stopping at this little restaurant that specializes in chicken. Click here to read more

Oustanding! Our Rocky Point tradition
I ate at Pollo Lucas with a group on my first trip to Rocky Point. Click here to read more

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