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Blvd Costero #150 at Las Palomas
Phone:(638) 108-1000
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This is one of the newer restaurants in Rocky Point. This is fine dining at its best. They also have an incredible breakfast buffet.
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Don\'t miss this one!
Four of us had breakfast/brunch at Citron twice this week and were pleasantly surprised by the variety, freshness and quality of the choices. Click here to read more

Just Average
Unreasonably priced and uncomfortable. Click here to read more

If you are looking for the best breakfast buffet in town, look no further. While I have to admit the buffet at the reef was pretty tasty, this buffet is reasonably priced and I was able to eat a little bit of everything. I love this place.

Nice Ambience great Service
The Menu is not extensive, this restaurent is very clean, service is professional and presentation of food is great. Click here to read more

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